Mushroom Picking

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*MUSHROOMS and GOBBLERS*  (4/15/2013)

Spring and fall tend to bring out mushrooms and hunters.   Our private lands that are open to public access are generally open for NON-COMMERCIAL mushroom picking.  This is also called ‘personal-use’, meaning the mushrooms will not be re-sold.  Walk-in access rules apply.  If you notice folks picking that appear to be gathering mushrooms or any other special forest product for resale, please get a license plate number & vehicle description, record the location and call 509-493-2155.

Most of our lands are also open to walk-in accesss for spring turkey hunting and fall hunts for big game.  Hunters and mushroom pickers must comply with the general guidelines for recreating on SLC lands.   Turkey hunters should  be especially aware of hikers, mountain bikers and mushroom pickers who sometimes wear bright red and blue colors.  Always be sure of your target. See the main RECREATION tab for more details:

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