Hiking and Mountain Biking


Many trails cross SLC (SDS Lumber Co.) and Broughton Lumber Co (BLC) lands in the Scenic Columbia River Gorge.  Some of these trails are completely on SLC or BLC lands, while others begin and end on other Private or Public Property.

When recreating on SLC and BLC lands, it is important to be aware of and follow the General Rules found on the main ‘Recreational Opportunities’ tab of the SLC website.  All trails are subject to the Regulated Use Area Restrictions also noted on this tab.

Maps are NOT available of trails on SLC and BLC lands.  If you do know of published maps, please contact  the Forestry Department at 509-493-2155 to inform us of this.  SLC & BLC do not desire areas of high tourism and overuse on Company Lands.

SLC allows seasonal use of hiking and biking trails under the following conditions:

  • Please always remember that it is a FREE PRIVILEGE to use these Private lands for personal recreation.  Littering, unauthorized trail building, tree cutting and ignorance of Closures may cause SLC and BLC to revoke these privileges for all users.  Always obey closure signs.  Please report illegal or suspicious activities to the Count Law Enforcement officials or the SLC / BLC Forestry Department at 509-493-2155 and try to include a license plate number.
  • Mountain biking is allowed only when ground conditions permit; generally from March 15- October 15.  Using mountian bikes on dirt trails during the Pacific NW “rainy season”  could lead to resource damage, such as creating sediment that enters streams.
  • Hiking, mountain bike trails and all other forms of Recreation will be closed in areas of active timber harvest operations, to protect both users and operators.
  • When fire danger levels are at an Industrial Precaution Level III or higher, SLC & BLC may close all lands to hiking, biking and vehicle recreation. Click Here for Current Fire Precaution Level Information
  • Warming fires are ALWAYS PROHIBITED on SLC and BLC lands. Report illegal or suspicious conduct to County law enforcement and the Forestry Department.
  • Call 9-1-1 immediately if you observe any uncontrolled wildfire.
  • Be courteous to other trail users.  Remember that generally,  Hikers should yield to Bikers who should yield to Horses.  Avoid conflicts with other users.
  • Wear bright colors during the spring Turkey Season and the fall Deer, Elk and Bear seasons.  SLC and BLC lands are generally open to hunting during these seasons.
  • Each distinct Recreation Area has a ‘User Group Contact’ that SLC and BLC works with directly.  Please understand that due to staffing restraints, all suggestions and inquiries cannot always be answered promptly.  If you would like to know who the User Group Contact is for a certain area, please call Jeremy Grose at 509-493-2155.
  • All Recreation users enter SLC and BLC properties at their own risk.  The Companies take no responsibilty for road and trail conditions, or injury or death that may result from Recreational activities on SLC or BLC lands.


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