Communication Tower Sites


STEVENSON LAND COMPANY’s timberlands include several key mountain tops near the Columbia River Gorge.These locations make ideal sites for communication towers and equipment.
STEVENSON LAND COMPANY has ownership or managing interest in the following sites:

Underwood Mt:

45 deg. 44 min. 30.19 sec. North
121 deg. 34 min. 46.68 sec. West
Site built in 2006. 133’ guyed tower. Space in 12’ x 20’ climate controlled enclosure available. Additional Ground space available for Tenant owned building. Permitted and engineered cell arrays are available. 60 kw Backup Power and full ground ring installed.

Hood River Mt:

45 deg. 39 min. 43.82 sec. North
121 deg. 28 min. 18.27 sec. West
Built in 2006. 185 ft. Guyed tower. Possible co-location in existing tenant’s 8’x8’ climate controlled building. Additional ground space available for future building. 12kw backup power, ground ring installed.


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