Recreation Opportunities

The majority of SLC lands are signed ‘Closed to Motorized Vehicles’ and are open to non-motorized use, EXCEPT at times of high Fire Danger  (see NOTICES above regarding General Fire Closures).

Areas signed ‘No Trespassing Without Written Permission’  are permanently closed to the General Public. Downloadable Maps may be found under the RECREATION tab above.

Arrowhead Ranch

Winegartner Closure Area

Gilmer Closure Area

Snowden Closure Area

Echo Glen Closure Area

General Rules for Public Use of Lands Owned by Stevenson Land Company (SLC):

Public use of SLC is a privilege granted to the public. Increased recreational use requires road maintenance and repair by the landowner and other costs associated with public use. Unfortunately, damage from malicious misuse also occurs, resulting in costly restoration, repair and replacement of assets, including roads, soils and trees. Misuse of these private forest lands is unacceptable and will result in the loss of public privileges on these lands.

The burden rests with each visitor to control his or her use and observe the rules and guidelines. Most guidelines are common sense, and will help us protect the resources we all enjoy as well as prevent damage to company property.

Things to Keep in Mind regarding use of Private Property

We are glad to share our lands with the public and hope our friends enjoy the recreation opportunities our commercial forest lands provide. We ask, however, that all users keep the following things in mind as they use SLC  lands:

  1. Users recognize that SLC own these lands for business purposes including growing, managing, and harvesting of forest products, mining and commercial and industrial activities. Recreating on SLC property is a privilege. SLC  have the right to utilize, manage, develop or sell these lands as desired. The public must respect these landowner’s rights. In addition, each company may at any time cancel or change its policies regarding public access. Compliance with company use regulations is not optional. The public must abide by the policies and regulations or the conditions of the Permit. Public shall not interfere with SLC or Broughton’s use or management of their properties:
  2. The future of recreation privileges on SLC  land depends on how well users respect the landowner’s rights, how users behave in the field and how they present themselves to others. Please consider how your actions reflect on yourself and the outdoor recreation community in general.
  3. It is the responsibility of the user to know whose land they are recreating on, to have the landowner’s permission for entry and to abide by the landowner’s terms and conditions of use.
  4. All users should expect that their activities on SLC  land will be checked from time to time. Your cooperation with our company personnel is not optional. It is a requirement for continued access to SLC  land.
  5. All activities must comply with applicable federal, state and county laws and regulations. This Includes proper licensing of vehicles.  SLC  cooperates fully with local and state authorities.
  6. There is no exclusivity of use by any member(s) of the public. Other members of the public may be using the same property at the same time.
  7. Organized events can only be held with written permission from SLC.
  8. No commercial guiding services of any kind are allowed on SLC land without express written permission from the landowner.


Visitors may not be provided year round access. Users understand that access and use may be restricted or closed at various times and places by the landowner; In order to minimize conflict between recreation users, seasonal restrictions may be placed on certain uses in certain areas. Please check our website or contact us directly to get the most current access restriction information.

Other than camping, Public use is allowed during daylight hours only. No other nighttime activities are allowed without specific authorization.


Public use of trails will be restricted to those trails identified as open to public. No new trail construction or pioneering of new trail locations will be permitted without prior written permission from an SLC representative. Visitors must comply with all posted signs.

Some trails may be closed during specific times of the year for the safety of visitors. Violation of trail closures can be cause for termination of access privileges.


Motor vehicle use of roads will be restricted to those roads open to public use. Visitors must comply with all posted signs and all gates and roads must be kept clear at all times and passable for Company traffic. Do not park in front of gates or in roads. Large equipment may need access at any time.

Some roads may be closed during specific times of the year for the safety of visitors. Violation of road closures can be cause for termination of access privileges.

The road system is essential to management and protection of resources as well as providing recreation access. Keeping roads in good repair serves all interests. We ask visitors to restrict road use at times when excessive rutting will result.

Logging trucks and other vehicles use the road systems regularly for business. Watch out for these vehicles. Violating common sense rules of the road, speeding and reckless driving, when observed, should be reported. Violations are cause for termination of access privileges. Speed limit for all vehicles is 20 mph unless otherwise posted.


Users are expected to take appropriate safety precautions and conduct all activities with safety in mind at all times. Recklessness will be cause for termination of access privileges.

Fireworks are never allowed.

Campfires are never allowed. Camping is allowed unless otherwise posted.

Forest access and some or all recreational activities may be suspended under extreme fire conditions by the landowner or the State of Washington.

Visitors must observe wildfire ratings at all times.


All domestic animals (dogs or other pets) must be under owner’s immediate control at all times. Harassment of wildlife is a violation of Washington law. Dogs or other pets allowed to run uncontrolled, chasing deer, elk or other wildlife is not permitted. Dogs entering the property must be under owner’s direct control and not pose any safety threat to an employee or contractor of Landowner or any other recreational user.

Livestock grazing or pasturing is not permitted without specific permission or lease from landowner.


Public users accept the property in its present condition, “as is”. Users enter and use the property at their own risk. Users release SLC and Broughton from any and all claims for any injury and agree to defend and indemnify SLC and Broughton against any claim for injury.


All communications between SLC and the public should be made through the Forestry Department at 509-493-2155.

SLC asks your assistance in making us aware of anyone in violation of the restrictions, or abusing company lands. Please report this information to the Stevenson Land Company Forestry Department at 509-493-2155 . DO NOT INVESTIGATE, INQUIRE OR TAKE ANY ACTIONS OTHER THAN CONTACTING THE LANDOWNERS. UNLESS YOU FEEL IT IS AN EMERGENCY, WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT CONTACT THE SHERRIFF’S OFFICE DIRECTLY BY CALLING 911.


Property lines are not always marked and forest property owners – federal, state and private – are often intermingled. Each visitor is responsible for knowing where they are and are complying with the landowner’s rules and restrictions.

Permission to use SLC lands for Recreation is not permission to use other landowner’s property. Respect the rights of neighboring landowners and other permitted users.


Users recognize that SLC  owsn these lands for business purposes including growing, managing, and harvesting forest products, mining and other commercial and industrial uses, SLC  reserves the right to sell, harvest or use of the property at any time, Public recreation on SLC owned property Is a privilege not a right. Visiting public may not enter the property for any other purpose other than permitted use(s) and shall not interfere with either landowner’s management or uses of the property.


The future of recreation, privileges on SLC and Broughton lands depend on how users behave in the field, and how they present themselves to others. Consider how your actions reflect on yourself and the outdoor recreation community in general.


Use of SLC land by any member of the public may be revoked by the landowner immediately for violation of any of these Terms and Conditions, in spirit or intent, or violation of any local, state or federal law.


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