PLEASE SEE THE MAIN SLC PAGE “Notices” for current firewood permit availbility.

A new Permit System was initiated in 2013.     Example of the new Firewood Permit:

  firewood_cutting_permit 2013 image

Major changes for 2013 include:

  • Permits will be printed on a  placard and must be displayed on the front dash or windshield when cutting or transporting firewood.
  • 8 Wood tags with unique ID numbers will be issued with each permit.  Every 1/2 cord of wood must have a wood tag with the date of transfer, permit holder and the Harvest Unit filled in completely and be visibly fixed to the upper rear portion of the load during transport.
  • No firearms are allowed on persons or in vehicles during the course of wood cutting operations.  This rule is designed to reduce potential conflicts with other users (ie; accidentally shooting at another recreationist or woodcutter), and to ensure compliance with the SLC rules regarding hunting access on closed roads.
  • Emphasis on enforcement of the ‘Non-Commercial’ clause.  Regular Firewood permits are available ONLY for residential home use, not for Commercial resale.  If a Commercial wood cutter approaches SLC with a proposal for firewood removal for resale, a separate cutting area and Contract may be designated for that project.

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