Underwood/ Mill A


Non-motorized use is generally allowed.  Vehicle Entry is by specific written permission only.  Vehicle Entry Permits will be at the sole discretion of SLC and Broughton and only a limited number of permits will be issued. Vehicle Entry Permit holders must have a copy of the permit displayed in plain view in the permitted vehicle when on the property. Visitors using SLC or Broughton lands in violation of a Vehicle Entry Permit or the provided rules and map restrictions, will be considered in Trespass and reported to the Skamania County Sherriff. Violators may be cited for Criminal Trespass by the Sherriff’s Office and denied future opportunity to access SLC and Broughton lands.

Non Motorized Entry: (hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hunting, Etc) No permit is required.


    1. Entry on the property is at your own risk. Permit holders and Public users shall hold SDS Lumber Company, Stevenson Land Company, Broughton Lumber Company, their employees, contractors, officers, affiliates and assigns, free and harmless from any and all claims of damage or liability associated with use of the property.
    2. Visitors will not damage or destroy any trees, crops, buildings, fences, roads, or other Improvements located on the property, and to use every precaution to protect wildlife, timber, trees, forest products and property from poaching, theft, fire, or other damage. Users agree to repair any damage he or she causes at their own expense.
    3. Visitors will not cut any standing trees (live or dead) or down trees or logs (live or dead).
    4. Visitors will not construct or erect any permanent structures or trails under any circumstances (e.g., roads, trails, buildings, sheds, shacks, outhouses, hunting stands, etc.) and nothing will be secured to trees with any nails, staples or wires.
    5. Visitors will not litter or dispose of trash of any kind on the property.
    6. Visitors will strictly comply with all state laws rules and regulations, including but not limited to hunting, fishing and wildlife laws and all policies, rules and regulations. Visitors understand that landowners may revoke access privileges for any user violating the law or any of these policies, rule or regulations.
    7. Visitors will not release or stock any species of plant, animal or fish or tamper with any logging equipment or facilities installed on the property.
    8. Visitors will report any instances of law Violations, violations of company policy, road problems, theft, damage, poaching and fire on the property to SLC at 509-493-2155 or Broughton at 509-493-2733.
    9. Vehicle Entry Permit holders will restrict the use of all vehicles (Including ATV’s) to permitted roads. No road shall be abused at any time and no vehicle use off roads is allowed. Company roads will be maintained as time and opportunity permit. Roads may remain impassable for long periods of time without repair. Neither SLC nor Broughton has any obligation to repair or maintain roads for recreational use.
    10. Vehicle Entry Permit holders will obey the speed limit on all roads of 20 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. This speed limit will apply to ALL vehicle types including ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles.
    11. Visitors recognize that SLC and Broughton maintain the right to exclude any person from its lands for conduct which, in the opinion of SLC or Broughton, is in violation of these Policies, Rules and Regulations.
    12. Visitors recognize that at any time of the year, it may become necessary for SLC or Broughton to conduct activities including, but not limited to, road building, logging, site preparation, or tree planting on the property. SLC and Broughton will be held harmless for any claim of damage or Inconvenience to public visitor’s recreation uses due to its activities.
    13. Visitors accept that SLC and Broughton reserve the right to curtail or suspend all uses of the property due to fire danger or in the conduct of its management activities. Upon notice of curtailment, the public shall cease all activities until notified that public recreation may resume.


Type of Use
Time Period Allowed
Areas allowed
Other rules
Non-motorized uses (e.g., Hiking, Snowshoeing, Crosscountry Cross-country Skiing
Year Round
All, subject to area closures defined on maps.
Subject to all area closures defined on maps and all fire season precautions and closures.
Horseback riding
April 1- Sept 30
Existing roads and Designated trails shown on map only
Subject to all restrictions, area closures defined on maps and all fire season precautions and closures.
Mountain biking
April 1- October 31
Existing roads and designated trails shown on map only
Subject to all restrictions, area closures defined on maps and all fire season precautions and closures.
Wood cutting
As defined on wood cutting permit
Only allowed In designated wood cutting areas as shown on wood cutting permit
Subject to all restriction of wood cutting Permit issued by landowner
April 1 – Dec 15
Subject to all area closures defined on maps and all fire season precautions and closures. Subject to all WDFW seasons and restrictions
Swimming, Kayaking, Fishing
ATV and general vehicle use
April 1-July 15, and October 1- December’15
Must have valid VEHICLE permit.  Only on roads and trails designated as open to motor vehicles and shown on map.
Subject to all vehicle and road use restrictions, area closures defined on maps and all fire season precautions and closures.
Year Round
Unless user has a special Permit

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