Forest Management

Even Aged Harvesting

Even age management (clearcutting) is an appropriate tool in forest management that mimics natural disturbances such as fire in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. There are many species of fauna and flora that require open habitat and even more that require edge habitat to survive. Our National Forests no longer create this habitat and State lands are limited in how much they provide. In the Pacific Northwest, private forest lands are the main provider of habitat for these species.

Under STEVENSON LAND COMPANY’s philosophy, even aged harvesting does not have to bring to mind images of expansive clearcuts of the past. Our harvests are generally smaller and more non-contiguous than ever before. When done properly, even aged harvests are the most cost- effective,environmentally sound and rapid method of regenerating the forest. They maximize the growth rate of new forests, thus returning sites to forested conditions as quickly as possible.

Sustainable Yield Forestry

STEVENSON LAND COMPANY forestry department uses the latest technology to provide all the information needed to plan sustainable harvests. We record the size, species and rate of growth for every acre of our timberlands. Our inventory accounts for land that we set aside for native habitats such as stream buffers, fish and wildlife protection areas, and other special management zones. We can now closely monitor wood growth and volume, ensuring a continuous supply and maximum wood production. We embraces the philosophy of sustainablility and believe that strict adherence to the State Forest Practice rules and regulations, combined with our internal forest management guidelines, ensure sustainability of our forests for future generations.

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